Friday, January 22, 2010

Weather's here! Wish you were beautiful!

You haven't had the pleasure to witness what I did this morning, but you really should. I realize that I am a horrible person for being mean...but why lie?

There is a lady at work today who is probably about 55 ish and quite perky. She is the one who makes announcements to the staff lounge in general, no one person in particular, like "I bet I know what we are all thinking! Isn't it GREAT to have a job?" No. Call me ungrateful, but being that it is 7 a.m. on one of the ugliest days of the year, I am not thinking that. I am thinking many things and that is definitely not one of them.

Anyhow-She is in a Metallic. Purple. Snow. Suit. It is a one piece, very form fitting, with a shiny gold belt clip, and a zipper up the front. There are boots that go along with it. I think she may have owned this for quite some time, maybe since her 8th birthday.

Oh- and she has one of those fuzzy beanies on with ALL of her hair tucked up into it.

Yeah- it's pretty much the most awesome thing ever. I wish I had more nerve and was quicker with my cell phone camera but I couldn't even make eye contact.

*Update- I have received a second witness from a fellow coworker and the beanie has been described as, "...more of a furry turban." I like that better.


Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

oh how i wish you were just a bit more sneaky with that camera... i would love to witness that... right now! ;)

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness. The picture I have in my head is priceless! I'm guessing she's had that wonder since 1986 because I'm pretty sure adult-sized one piece metallic jumpsuits went out about the same time as the bedazzler.


Maursupial said...

I am SOOOO calling you to find out who this is. I have a few theories, but I do realize that in the 5 years since I left other people have started working there.

mintifresh said...

That snow suit is mine, she borrowed it last week. Will you tell her I need it back? Thx! ;)

Sparklebot said...

Where. Can. I. Get. One. ????

Jillian said...

The general consensus is that you are going to have to hop a cap back to 1986 kids section at Kmart.

Otherwise you are out of luck. With your height, as with hers, you will kind of have to deal with the "I'm too tall for my footie pajamas but I don't ever want to quit wearing them," issue...but if you are willing to deal, go for it!

Ginny said...

You are nuts and I love you. Next time, get a picture.