Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brilliant Plan, Indeed!

I don't take advice well. Obviously. Especially when it is unsolicited. However, for the past few months the old adage has been bouncing around my head that to forget your own worries, you should help someone else. You know, forget yourself and get to work. It's worked for some pretty notable people in the past, why not me? See, this is a brilliant plan already. Brilliant, indeed!

Instead of the usual summer trip to some far off land where nothing much happens but riding elephants, running from primates and snapping ill-advised photo's in swimsuits, I have decided to set my sights on a trip that serves a much grander purpose. Yeah- that's right. Africa. So yes, this summer may involve riding elephants, running from primates, and certainly, many ill-advised pictures. This time it will be done whilst building a school and helping to train teachers in Kenya! By no means would I classify my level of excitement as, just a little. Unbelievably, insanely, incredibly would all be better choices.

(Photo courtesy of mongabay.com)

The only thing is, and that is where you come in, that I have to raise $3,750 for my portion of the trip and supplies for building the school. As you may have noticed I attached a super easy and convenient PayPal link for you to donate as much, or as little, as you can. (Isn't that nice of me!) Everything is tax deductible, so when you make a donation you will get a happy little note from the folks at World of Difference that tells the mean old tax man to get off your back! You did good things with your money!

*Rest assured, you can count on two things. 1) Further and unabashed begging. 2) A full, detailed account of the schenanigans upon my triumphant return. That alone should be enough to convince you to cough up some cash for Kenya....just to see how this train wreck turns out.

**If this doesn't work, I may resort to whoring myself out. Don't make me do it....it won't be good for anyone.

(You can donate to the general fund at worldofdifferenceonline.org but that doesn't go toward my portion. So do it here first, because you love me, and then with all those extra Benjamin's you have floating around, go ahead and donate there, if you feel so inclined! And if you are anti-PayPal or in some crazy place like Canada or Kathmandu, you can send a check to World of Difference 498 East 10,000 South Salem, UT 84653 Just make sure to put my name in the memo!)

That is all.....thankyouverymuch

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Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

I am so excited for you... and a little jealous... what an amazing experience you will have!! Congrats on making a plan and having it include service. This is going to be your best trip yet.

{and i'll see what i can do about helping you along the way...