Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Surprises!

I have a friend who calls me periodically for no other reason than just to get a Brendan story. He is quite possibly the funniest little person ever. How things pop into his mind, I will never know.

A few months ago Brendan said to his mom, "Hey mom, You know what I want to get Auntie Jill for Christmas? One of those cans that shoots snakes out at you when you open it. That will be awesome." And so it began. The hunt, the hints, the high-ginks and the hilarity. Every few days one of the kids would call and tell me that Brendan had the best gift for me. "It will be awesome!"

Christmas morning finally rolled around and Brendan made sure that everyone was looking as I opened my gift. Maximum drama was the desired goal. And if I do say so my self, it was awesome. I'm not sure how it popped into his head or why he thought I would be the perfect recipient of the snake can. It was awesome to see how excited all of the kids were when the snakes jumped out of the tube and into my face. But, I'm pretty sure my favorite part was knowing that they had been planning and giggling about it for weeks.

And even though I don't have a video of the great surprise, it was a little bit like this....only cuter because all three kids were jumping up and down and squealing with glee at my 'shock and awe!'

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Sparklebot said...

People just give me lotion. Or sweaters that are too small because they don't want to get them large enough--because they don't want me to think they think I'm fat. But, I am. So. Lotion.