Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life Perfected

Regardless of all my complaining as of late, my life would be complete if I had this.

Asus Waveface Ultra Smartphone Bracelet
Asus demoed a collection of futuristic gadgetry at CES, including the Waveface Ultra smartphone, a flexible bracelet that wraps around your wrist.

It makes calls (naturally), accesses the Web, and even flattens into a tablet. (Take that, Apple.) Of course, this Dick Tracy-esque gizmo is strictly conceptual, and there's no word on whether it'll someday find its way to market.

Would a smartphone bracelet look good on you?(courtesy of

All I have to say about that? Heck yes a smartphone bracelet would look good on me, as long as they make it in colors that would match my Wonderwoman suit.


J&J Priest said...

so cool, I want one but I think my kids would break it in a week.

Sparklebot said...

I can see myself wearing it, if it glows neon colors. Is there an app for that?