Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two Gold Stars

One slightly more awesome than the other.
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I hate to admit how close to home both of these blurbs hit, but in the spirit of full disclosure...

1. There are 4 (soon to be 5) Wal-Mart's within a 10-15 mile radius of my home.

2. My mom is one of the school clerks that have to hold the 'DONOT' sign. I'm not sure if she was solicited for sugary morning goodies this particular day...but you better believe this will become a long running family joke. Mark my words.


Mona said...

I'm going to smile about the "DoNot" for quite a while.

Maursupial said...

Gooooooooooo Betty!!

Sparklebot said...

When I think about how dumb most of America is (inability to read; shopping at Wal-Mart), it makes me very sad.

I am proud to say that there are no Wal-marts within 15 miles of my home. But, there are 5 Targets. Suck it Walton family!

R. Siren said...

Why do we need to tell people NOT to stop? Why can't people go from point A to point B at a reasonable pace? That story makes me die a little inside.

I'm a big fan of the accident attorneys right next door to the driving school, though.

Jillian said...

You mean people where you live don't just stop at random, whether in the middle of traffic or not, to let their little darlings out of the car at school? And of course tiny Tim has to run back to the car to get his lunch, and then his coat. Then mom has to turn the car off completely in order to get out and help him tie his shoe. All the while traffic is building up behind them, partly because people are excited about the 'donot' shop and partly because there is no way around the idiots that are quadruple parked just to while watch their little darlings walk to school.....for the 90th time this year.

Strange. I thought things like this happened everywhere. I must be EXTRA blessed to live in such a great town.