Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering Wednesday

1) My socks don't match today, but they are I feel okay about that.

2) I did not brush my hair this morning. What's worse, I didn't even think about brushing it. What's even worse, I have received no less than 10 compliments on how it looks. And what's even worse than that, on days where I actually DO adhere to standard grooming one mentions a thing.

3) This little message on my board reminded me that I am doing a STELLAR job as an English teacher.

4) In spite of the fact that I come from a long line of coaches and jocks, I am not a farty, burpy, giggle and talk about pooping kind of gal. So- when I was in the bathroom at work today, and the poor lady in the stall next to me (who was obviously not feeling well) started talking to, "Dear Sweet Jesus," about how this particular bathroom visit was going, I was equal parts horrified/embarrassed/nervous about possibly exiting at the same time she was, thus requiring awkward conversation.

5) I REALLY hope this gets to come home today!


Maursupial said...

Awesome. Seriously. I have a good post coming up.

Jillian said...

I anxiously await that day.

R. Siren said...

I always avoid those bathroom situations by either aborting my bathroom mission or staying in the stall as long as possible.... This is all in an attempt to avoid giving strangers scornful looks while washing my hands at the sink.

mindij said...

Man, I really hope Jesus didn't get involved in that moment! There are some things in life that don't need to involve Him!

PS You're hilarious!

Jillian said...

Siren- That's the problem with teaching. I don't have the luxury of waiting out Diarrhea Debbie. I have exactly 5 minutes to run all the way across campus to a restroom that is not infested with filthy teenagers and by the grace of God, might actually have toilet seat covers AND paper towels, wash my hands and then run back to my classroom. Dodging 3000 teenagers along the way just adds to the adventure. It's always a very stressful occasion for me. It's on my list of 'Topics to bring up during therapy.'

Mindi- I didn't stick around to see if there were any visions from on high, but thanks. I love when people appreciate the stupidity and tomfoolery that make up my increasingly pathetic life.

Tera said...

I seriously would have died to be next to the woman in the bathroom. This is why you should carry around an extra pair of ear plugs...and maybe nose plugs too. Or you could just avoid public restrooms altogether. I hear you can use potty training potties as a porta potty in a pinch!

Dave and Cindy, and then some... said...

You can thank "fity cent' for #3.