Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crap No One Needs: Volume 2

Portable Scooter Luggage
My bottle of hand lotion is off limits, but this scooter is allowed to slip past the TSA?

Can't see anything going wrong with this plan. I hope these roll out just in time for the busy holiday travel season.


Mycket said...

What? Are you kidding me? I LOVE (said in a singing "LAAAAAAA-Hooove it!" way.) My only problem is when have I ever packed that little? And what if I needed to pack more? Would I bring two? I am not sure if I could ride TWO scooters at a time.

Jillian said...

This self propelled rocket/ankle breaker has 'personal injury lawsuit' written all over it.

And if extremists can bring down my plane with my 3oz bottle of hand lotion and water.....there's no telling what type of Jihad could be made with all of this titanium and hardware.

My vote-no WAY you are getting past security with this as a carry on. But if you do, I would bank on getting the rubber glove treatment at every checkpoint. Which is cool-if you like that sort of thing.