Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sprung From The Clink With Questions

No I have not been in prison, thankyouverymuch. Your lack of interest in my well being is a bit underwhelming, but whatever. I'll get over it. I have more to write about my super-chaotic morning, but right now all I have to know is this...

Do any of the professional dancers on dancing with the stars even have butt cracks at all? Some of the outfits they wear are little more than well placed, sequined handkerchiefs...that dip very, very low....but their cracks never peek out.

I am starting to think that they must be some superhuman form that works so efficiently that they have no need for a functioning pooper.

If they are not some sort of alien life form that lacks the need for a butt crack, I would like to invite them to my classroom so that they can teach the kids, girls or boys, how to keep their butt crack covered up in ANY circumstance. These people are professionals!


Maursupial said...

I've thought about this before. I think it involves some form of putty. Just a thought. Yeah, If I see one more teenaged butt crack I might have to committ hari kari. DISGUSTING.

Rachael said...

I was wondering where you were and why you hadn't posted but I figured you were too hung over from Spring Break!