Friday, March 14, 2008

Namaste, My.....Butt

Every once in a while I have to do things that I absolutely hate just to remind myself the degree to which I hate them.

Hot yoga. One of those things.

One of my younger, thinner, more energetic friends was all jazzed about it. Having done it before, I knew that it sucked. Hard. Regardless, it seemed easier to tell her yes once than to be badgered about it, from here to eternity.

I am not sure how or why yoga people are so serious, but how do you not laugh when someone asks you to basically stick your head up your own butt? I should not be invited to yoga. EVER. So friends, please know that I am who I am. I am not the yoga studio type. I ruin the 'energy.' I can't take myself that seriously. Especially when it is 103 degrees and I am sweating like ...*something very sweaty!

*I had a few options of things to put there, but they seem a little more vulgar than is appropriate in print.

And fire breathing? Don't even get me started on fire breathing.


Mona said...

I've never understood the hot room either. I sweat without extra aid, thanks.

Depending on the other members of the class, I have a hard time laughing. Loud breathers. Farters. Letting my lungs hug my heart. Yeah, that's funny stuff.

Jillian said...

I was under the impression that modern technology was for the expressed purpose of avoiding such temperatures.

I am laughing right now just thinking of the nonsense.

Rachael said...

Your sister and I took a yoga class together and we pretty much laughed the whole time (hard to imagine, I'm sure). It was either the crazy breathers or the gay guy with his thong coming way out of his pants. Oh we had a good laugh. I am sure the people were glad that we didn't come back!

Maursupial said...

I enjoy Yoga in the comfort of my own living room. That way I avoid the freaks and wierdos. Also, I turn the A/C waaaaaaay up.