Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Never Ending Festival of Ridiculous

In case you were wondering what type of ridiculous schenanigans I have been up to lately....know that they are plenty, and painful, and persistent. So there's that.

Let me just paint you a little pic.

A) Your body does in fact fall APART in your 30's...literally.

B) Taking a header down the stairs is an injury that tends to linger. And seldom recovers to 100%

C) Horsing around at work....and maybe kicking a kid in the butt (with all of the love in my childish heart) .....is very, very bad on an already weak ACL.

D) Karma is a cruel, cruel bitch.

E) I probably should be fired.

F) I hope Karma is not that far reaching.

G) Under NO circumstance will I allow this to detour Operation Africa...so, don't worry. You can still donate. (just make sure that you put my name in the memo) There is much left to do! I have been reading about the humble (understatement of the century) conditions where most of these kids live and try to learn. It's heartbreaking, I tell you. But they are so resilient and hopeful, that just reading their short bios makes my heart melt! So anyhow-any little thing can help! We really have so much. (Sally Struthers soap box over)

H) And feel free to pat a buddah belly, shake a chicken bone, rub a rabbits foot, toss out a prayer to whomever you pray to that my knee can be rehabed without surgery! Please please please!


Sparklebot said...

Teaching is hard.

JennAventures said...

Jillian...what did you do to blow your karma, missy?

Jillian said...

Smash-Teaching most certainly is a treat

Little twirp was just lucky that I was no longer on crutches. Adding 5 ft long metal sticks to my wing span...which would have eded ALL of us in the library. And that always sucks

Jenn- I don't know what the heck I did to my Karma, but something is definitely not okay! I've actually decided that instead of spending the summer lounging about in various oceans.(wallowing in self pity) I needed to DO Something and help me to forget about my crap, by helping other people.

fingers crossed