Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hawaiian Style

Little Carson doesn't just show up to have a good time. He comes to party. It took me nearly 30 years before I graced the isles of the south pacific with my presence, Carson? Nah.....he rocked Hawaii as a 2 month old baby. If this is any indication of the jet setting life this little dude is going to live...I think he and I are bound to be very close.

Hawaii in Photos. Narrated by Carson-heretofore referred to as C-dub.
"Hmmmmm I'm not sure what to think about this. That pig sure does look interesting, I can't tell if he is happy or sad. I'd be happy, he's got an apple for dinner. I never get apples."
"Yay it looks like everyone is getting naked, that usually means eating time for me. Wait, oh wait-I'm not getting fed. Mommy has some triangle things over the milkers. Maybe it is like an obsticle course or something. This could go one of two ways."
"This is DEFINITELY not what I had in mind. I didn't get fed and now they are sloshing me in this crazy gigantic bathtub, filled with sand, and fish and foam? This is nuts. Maybe if I keep my face and arms as STIFF AS POSSIBLE they will see that something is freaking me right on out!"
"Nope- they think it's cute. They keep plopping me into the sand knowing that I can't do anything it, or about the sand stuck in my diaper (hello little carson, chafe much inside that diaper?)and taking photos of it. Thank goodness Aunt Jill has the good sense not to post the photo of my bare naked baby bum covered in sand. But honestly, I think she will be broken down soon. My sandy bum is dang cute..I don't expect her to hold out much longer."

"Hey- speaking of things that are bound to happen. When do we get to do the Hookie Lau? I'm not leaving here without doing the Hookie Lau! I'm putting my sandy foot down!"

Cheers! To babies and strangers getting to know a little too much about one another.


Rachael said...

This kid is just adorable!!! Lucky kid-Hawaii at 2 months! Jealous! Okay-I got 12 years there but haven't been back since I was 14! I need to go!!!

JillandMauricio said...

haha-oh we're going to the hookie lau!! Love it. You nephew is the cutest!!! Love him.

J&J Priest said...

cutie, hehe