Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things as they are, and things as they should be

This past week I have been off of work. While I am sure that my ever vigilant students have been working on their research projects, in all fairness, I am going to explain my activities by showing you two lists. (I am sure you can see the direction this is heading.)

Things as they SHOULD have been:
  • Spring Cleaning in my bedroom and the extra room.
  • Toss out old clothes
  • Sort out clothes viable to be donated
  • Take the Dog out for a jog (experimenting on my newly healed knee)
  • Or at least get exercise in SOME fashion that does not include merely playing with an adorable gigantic newborn.
  • Tie up all the loose ends from CSUN
  • Get my fat arse off the couch before 11 am at least 2 days in a row.
  • Wash Car, get oil changed, check out the transmission slipage that has recently raised its ugly head.
  • Get my ticket taken care of.
  • Marry the prince and live happily ever after.

Things as they ACTUALLY were
  • Got up before 10 am exactly twice.
  • During one of those two early mornings, I had the opportunity to attend a friends Relief Society Birthday party where Sister Chieko Okazaki spoke. What an amazng woman she is. I love her! She always speaks Directly. To. Me. I went kicking and screaming. I left humbled and inspired to do more, fight harder to be happy, and to accept that there will sometimes be hardship.
  • Did not a single stitch of laundry.
  • For some reason felt inclined to log onto ldslinkup again for some reason.....and spent a shameful amount of time wandering around there.
  • Spend time in very hard and intensive retail therapy.
  • Sat in my robe until about 2pm on more occasions than I care to admit.
  • Didn't even THINK about getting gas in my car, washed, or checked out for transmission issues.
  • Bleached my teeth to near fluorescence.
With all of these nonaccomplishments...the one that really bugs me is the fact that I didn't even get gas. That means I have to pump gas at the crack of dawn.....and that really puts a damper on my snooze button plans. Meh.


mintifresh said...

Sounds like you are as productive and motivated as me. Last night I made a list of spring cleaning chores for me to do. I'm not optimistic about their completion.

Melissa said...

What time do you have to get up for school every morning? I think you're entitled to a few in-your-robe-till-2 days. I hope you enjoyed them!

Sparklebot said...

It's 11:41 a.m., and I'm still in my pjs. And, this happens everyday.

I think it's fine. Vacations are for vacation, not for working.

L and L and R said...

I actually consider it an acommplishment to be in my pj's past 11 am. So, in my book, well done!! of the MANY reasons why I love your blog is because I don't feel like a slacker when I finish reading it!!!

Jillian said...

I am going to go ahead and choose to take that as a compliment, Lis. ;)

L and L and R said...

Oh, BELIEVE ME, it IS a compliment!