Monday, March 22, 2010

Rise and Shout The Newest Cougar Is Out!

Ahhhhh look at how little he started! So quiet, so sweet.
A little love bug that can be best comforted by his papa! (Anyone else wig out at the thought of Jonathon, the Golden Boy, raising another human life.) He has fallen into his new responsibility quite seemlessly. Granted, he has the hardest road to hoe, balancing his family and their nutty wants and desires.

And really at some point in this life he will ask about the choice if this little beenie, and with clean hands I will be able to tell him that I had nothing to do with it......but I do find it kind of baby adorable. What a traitor I am, I know.

But check this out. He can totally take care of himself now!

Rise and shout, this cougar is out (of his mama's body, that is). He is only 3 months, almost weighs 20lbs and he is sosoooo big and squishy, and adorable. He is ticklish. especially if you rub noses with him. Giggles every time, with his big gummy, no tooth baby mouth. Have I mentioned how much I love gummy, no toothed, baby mouths? Incase I haven't....know that I am one bad decision away from snatching a baby of my very own. (Until we start dealing with dirty diapers...then I realize the folly of my baby snatching plans)

I love him so much....and he's a cougar.

So suck on that all you haters. How do you feel now? Talk trash to an infant...if you feel like you must. But last I heard, giving a baby crap about the univ that he is represents, helps the terrorists win. An angel loses her wings...and somewhere God kicks a puppy. So say what you will about BYU. Baby Jesus is watching. They'll call ahead and have the rest of the U fans save you a hell.:)


mintifresh said...

hahahahahahahha "Baby Jesus is watching" hahahahhaha That's awesome!

Sparklebot said...

He is majors Presh.

Rachael said...

He is so stinking cute!!! Big my Oliver!

Maursupial said...

Like we've said before, it's nice that your siblings' offspring really are cute so that I don't have to lie to you. He's freaking fracking adorable, and I LOVE the shirt. Never too young to be a cougar fan!

J&J Priest said...

hehe, cute

Tricia B. said...

still a hater no matter what you may say . . . cute babe though.