Monday, February 25, 2008

Hand Over the Chocolate

Back at Christmas I had a party and had a huge pot of chocolate fondue. I put the leftovers into the fridge and promptly forgot about them. The other day I pulled it out and trashed it because there was very little chance that I would ever use it again. After all it's chocolate, not gold.

Whilst getting out of the shower I heard a huge crash, but being that my smelly dog has never gotten into the trash before...I didn't put together what the little piece of crap had done. In no hurry, I got dressed and went down to see what the deal was and I found him basking in the garbage, belly full of chocolate. All I could think of was the veterinarian anti-chocolate propaganda which said my dog was going to die. And soon.

There may have been tears shed, and frantic phone calls to MaurySue, who takes much delight in my new found love-o-dog, but probably not my numerous phone calls in the middle of the nigh. Her dad is a vet, therefore she gets many frantic phone calls. It just makes sense. Like it or not;)

She said that Freddy wouldn't die unless he ate a whole bunch, like 2lbs. This news didn't settle my nerves, because he very well may have. Poor little guy just sat at the back door waiting to go out. I let him out and took him for a walk, but there was no significant bowel business going on. We came back in and he just went straight to the door again.

It was raining and I wanted to go to bed. I literally drug him up the stairs so I could put him in his crate and planned to let the chips fall where they may. Right at the top of the stairs he projectile vomited, took two steps and puked again, walked to the TV in the loft and puked ALL OVER the entertainment center. Seriously, he weighs 22lbs and the piles (because they were piles not spots) of vomit more than exceeded what any reasonable person would expect to come out of one 22lb dog. I couldn't be mad at him because a) I was too busy semi-crying because I thought he was going to die and 2) it was kind of my own fault because he was trying go out.

Bottom line- turns out dogs really do get sick if they eat chocolate....but they would have to eat a TON before it would kill them. The darker it is, the worse it is for them. Go figure. Now ya know.

If you need a steam cleaner you can borrow mine. I have one.


Maursupial said...

I want it noted that I also predicted he'd puke big piles of black puke all over your floor.

Jillian said...

I had complete and total faith in your prediction, but I was not prepared for the sheer volume of the puke. It was massive.

And as a sidenote- someone (I'm thinking my sister-in-law) picked the peas out of the fried rice that we had for dinner that night. I found them. It was real nice.

Rachael said...

Oh poor baby! It is sad when your dog is sick b/c they have no idea what is going on...and it always is 10x worse when it is at night and the vet isn't open! Our dog licked up a TON of oil that was in the bottom of the pan (we had fried Chimichanga's) and she threw up oil ALL night long. It was a good thing I was pregnant and couldn't stomach it so my husband had to do it! I was gagging along with them though!

Jillian said...

Oh- I called the emergency vet and she told me that I should, "Definately bring him him for an exam, which is $80. But truthfully there is very little that we will be able to do for him."

So- you want me to pay you $80 to tell me I killed my dog? Nah. I can do that from home. All the guilt, none of the debt.

Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

poor jill. poor dog. hope he's doing ok.