Friday, February 22, 2008

Let's Hear it for the Hippies!

I am in the middle of a Masters Program in English Education. ENGLISH Education. Fairly subject specific. Think literature, research, writing, methodology, etc. This semester one of my classes is Research Methods in English Education.

Rest assured that I am absolutely tickled with the thought of this class. Giddy with anticipation, actually. Even better, one of our semester long assignments is to observe the moon and keep a moon journal. Seriously. I wish I was kidding. We have been given explicit instructions to NOT look things up online about the moon. We are just to observe and then discuss with our group each week. I'm not positive, but I fear that at some point this assignment will involve singing and group hugs.

Pretty sure my moon journal is going to look a lot like this.

Monday- Clouds, no moon visible
Tuesday- Raining, no moon visible but I am soaking wet.
Wednesday- More rain, no moon visible and I now have a runny nose.
Thursday- I may have pneumonia and went to bed at approx 7pm. Doctors note to follow.
Friday- I have decided that the moon is much like God. I know that it is there, I don't need to see it. Therefore, I oppose this assignment for religious purposes.

These hippies won't get the best of me....I've got a plan, and by my's fool proof.


Melissa said...

And this assignment relates to Research Methods how???
Crazy hippies!

Maursupial said...

Wow. I wish I were keeping a moon journal. It sounds so THRILLING and MOVING and LIFE CHANGING. If it makes you feel any better my classes are boring as hell and I want to kill myself twice weekly.

Jillian said...

Apparently- research is observation and observing the moon is just a d@mn good time.

And don't worry Maury, school this semester has caused me to develop some suicidal tendencies.

I wish I could lose the little bit of academic integrity that I have left. This is just the sort of assignment that my 6th period TA would LOVE to do. I am sure!

Blasted Circle of Honor.

Sara said...


becky said...

Again- cracking up over here! Especially since during the eclipse Dan and Braden convinced me that it was a "must see" event... I tried telling them that 19 degrees and dropping makes for an "I'll pass" on my part. Soon their incessant pleas got the better of me, but in the dark in our shoe basket I could only dig up one tennis shoe and a flip flop both for the left foot, and since flip flops on a wrong foot are terribly uncomfortable, the tennis shoe got the other side.. as I awkwardly stumble to get a look at this "must see" event while wrapped in a big blanket. It was nice and all, but a bit anti-climactic after all the hullabaloo! So I feel ya ln the whole --I know it's there, I don't have to look at it to confirm...
Sidebar- you decide what we are doing for spring break =)?