Monday, February 25, 2008

Team Diet.....BUSTED.

Due to vacation plans, I have been flirting with Team Diet. Some days are better than others, but today, Team Diet is not doing so well. Turns out that I was not as committed to the team back when the Girl Scout Cookie order forms were being passed around.
I was delivered a box of every single one of the cookies pictured above. (Except for those nasty cinnamon apple ones. Don't mess up my cookie with your fruit. Sick) I blame the delivery of doom on my friends interminably adorable kids. They are blonde, and cute, and one of them even sounds a little like Minnie Mouse.

How can you say no to that and not have your heart shrink to two sizes two small? It's unfair, really. Guerilla warfare on the swimsuit front. They may as well paint their faces and hide in my bedroom switching all of my clothes for ones that are just a smidge too small. Sneaky little devil's.

Those pesky kids won't get me next year with their pig-tails and bubbly little schpeel. I'm on to their game.


Rachael said...

By the time next year rolls around you will be begging for those Samoas and Thin Mints....mmmmmm.

becky said...

I hate this time of year, because now not only do they come in a box, but in ice cream as well... so along with the variety of boxes in my pantry, I have matching cartons in my freezer! PS Dan says "I bought 5 or 6 boxes at work" so I bravely turned down the girls at the store front knowing my watering mouth had only a few more hours to wait... he came home with 31/2 boxes and ne'r a samoa in sight! You better believe the remaining boxes are under lock and key, and it being PMS week- YOU WILL GET YOUR HEAD BIT OFF IF YOU TRY AND TOUCH MY COOKIES!!!

Maursupial said...

I have thus far resisted the siren song of the Thin Mint. We'll see if I survive the season.

Sherpa said...

Thin Mints aren't even that great really...and yet I can't stop eating those little pieces of crack. My coworker brought in a box and put it right outside my door. I may have had 10.