Friday, February 8, 2008

Pour One Out For My Homie

My cell phone has died and I am heartbroken. It was not a fancy, super cool phone, but I loved it! It was pretty, not the ugly fire engine red but somewhere between crimson and burgundy.

I have gotten messages from a number of you in the past day or so, but alas, I can not call you back. Tragically, I don't have any phone numbers committed to memory and being that the screen is perma-black....I can't see my phonebook.

Anyhow- it still makes and receives calls, but unless you are at the school, or my house (the only two numbers I remember) I can't call you. Good news- I'm available for an upgrade in August, so there's that.

I just wanted you to know why I am incommunicado. The radio silence is due to nothing but technical difficulties.


Maursupial said...

Ahhhhh. . . I'm so sorry to hear about your tragic loss. I think your head might explode if you don't get this thing rectified. You have REALLY bad phone karma.

Rachael said...

Did you ever download your numbers on the computer? I thought all of mine were lost and somehow Steve was able to download them from the computer to my new phone.

Jillian said...

Pshhha...why would I have done that? That would be too easy. I prefer to do things in the most annoying and difficult way possible. Bleh!

So frustrating!