Monday, November 26, 2007

Spank you, but no.

Bearing in mind that using a words like 'never' and 'under no circumstance' only ensures that at some point, you will enjoy the pleasure of belling up to the bar to feast on your own words. I still would like to take this opportunity to declare a few things that I will never, under any circumstance, do again.

1. Perm my hair.

I am not sure what ever possessed me to do this in the first place, but rest assured, you will never have to grit your teeth and strain for something nice to say when I show up with a freshly permed coif.

2. Pick up a hobby simply because a guy likes it.

I am ashamed to admit how many times I have done this, but I don't care what type of engine my, or any, car has. I don't particularly care to spend much time hashing out the details of international politics and while I do enjoy sporting events.....I lack that 'eye of the tiger' mentality that it takes to be a hard core participant. I like watching them, and can get down on picnic football games, but can only take so much. I am a much better spectator than participant.

3. Hop a chain link fence.

As some of you may have first hand knowledge of, I was not a small girl in high school. (As compared to the svelte young thing that I am now.) Anyhow-on more than one occasion I found myself dangling from the top of a fence, helpless to the blowing wind. Lesson learned, many times over.

4. Teach Senior Project

While this probably doesn't mean much to those of you who don't teach in the Antelope Valley, but I am SO OVER Senior Project. I swear, I am more stressed about this stupid class than my kids are. I was literally up ALL night long worrying about turning over my papers to a panel of my peers to be graded. We have been working on these freaking papers for nearly 4 months and they are still a mess. And the kids could not be more cavalier about it. I am sure that they have not lost a wink of sleep.

I keep trying to tell myself that it's not a reflection on me. I have done what I can and they need to do some of the leg work on their own. If they blow it off, that's on them.....but I have to think that at some point, I have a key role to play. Maybe I am just burned out, but I am not ever, Ever, EVER going to do this again. Pretty sure that I am over high school students as a whole. There should be an island or them......far across the sea.

Oh...and by way of an update, I read today that they have charged all of the students in the 'Palmdale 4' incident with varying degrees of charges. The two with prior charges have been charged with felonies and the two without records are apparently being charged with misdemeanors. I find that hil-air-ee-ass. I wonder if her arm is still hurted.


Sherpa said...

That's a good list. I hear ya on the hobby and chain link fence thing.

Maursupial said...

I must concur wholeheartedly, about teaching in Antelope Valley and about picking up hobbies for boys. I watched just about every 49ers game with boys during college and it got me nowhere! I'm a girl, I like girly things, so there! Hmmmph!