Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sad day

Turns out my next door neighbor died yesterday afternoon. The week before they moved in, they found out that he had cancer. It has progressed pretty quickly, so the wife has had to pretty much take care of everything. The worst part is that they have really young kids. I think that they are 8 and 5. Poor kids. And what crappy timing. I wonder how their Thanksgiving is going to go.

Now I kind of feel bad that I let my dog chase their kids the other day. That's why I never said anything to the mom about it in the first place. How was that conversation going to go? "Hi, I know your husband is inside dying of a horrible disease, but your kid is poking my dog with a stick. Can you tell her to stop?" Just seemed a little insensitive. Anyhow- that's that. Bummer.

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