Friday, November 30, 2007

Friendsmas '07

As a kid, I remember watching movies and seeing holiday parties of all sorts. They all seemed to be having so much fun! They were warm, cozy and just screamed holiday spirit. Well, the time has come. It is time for, Friendsmas Holiday Ho-Ho-Ho Down '07.

There will be good food, (For the record, I do make some of the worlds best chocolate chip cookies. I have references if you need them) fondue, hot cocoa, cookies to decorate, good music, a looping feed of holiday movie classics, and an abundance of paper snowflakes, to say the least.

**there will be no booze. So- you either need to address the problem of sobriety before you come or smuggle it in a top secret flask of some sort.

Friendsmas Holiday Ho-Ho-HoDown
Friday, December 14
King Family Compound
Suggested Attire- ugliest Christmas sweater you can find. Reindeer, snowflakes and embroidery are encouraged.


Maursupial said...

Oh how I wish I could come to your shindig. I love the King Compound!! Sadly I will be in Sin City. . . sigh

Jillian said...

If you bust out of work could be here in time!! We will put a hold on all carmel apples, fondue and wassail, if we knew you were coming!!! Then maybe I will come see you over the end of break.


and invite your buddy in that saintly city of Monica win -win!

Maursupial said...

ooooh You are evil and trying to tempt me. . . I'm thinking.

Jillian said...

Would a karaoke machine change your mind, cause that could be arranged? We Mormon's do enjoy us some stone cold sober karaoke.

Rachael said...