Monday, November 19, 2007

Children don't walk past my house.....they RUN!

In true Freddy form, my 23 lb, ferocious beast bolted out the door today before I could get a sufficient monkey grip on his leash. And as is just my luck, a group of neighborhood kids were in the street playing.

My dog is pretty much harmless, but everything he does, he does 100%. He doesn't walk. There is no option for meander, wander or stroll; everything is done in overdrive. (I'm not a completely irresponsible dog owner. We're working on his manners, settle down!) Freddy spotted the kids and made an absolute B-line for them. He wasn't being mean, just wanted to check out what was going about 40 mph. Needless to say, every single kid began screaming bloody murder and scattered to the wind. All the while, Freddy just stood there looking around trying to figure out where they were going.

A random passerby may say that they were running because they were scared of the wonderbeast that is my dog. I say it's more likely that the screams were a result of their collective guilty conscious needing an escape. Every time I go out and clean up the yard, there are more and more random rocks lying all around. In it's normal state, there is nary a single rock in my backyard landscape. However, my neighbors yard is decorated extensively with rocks. And on more than one occasion, I have come out and caught the little buggers red handed poking my dog with sticks. They knew he was lose and were worried that he had come to settle the score.

A better person would have reprimanded the dog.....not I. Since he lacks the opposable thumbs requisite for throwing the rocks back, this was his little act of revenge. I secretly reveled in the chaos and mayhem that Freddy exacted this afternoon.It may not have even been that secretly, because their mother saw me giggling all the way to the car. I loved that she yelled to her kids, "That's what you get! I told you to stop teasing that dog!"

I think if Freddy could talk, he would say that revenge is sweet.....very sweet.


brent said...

Well, hellloooooooooo!

You have joined the blogosphere, eh? Welcome!

What a great story. Poor Freddy. I think that particular mom is awesome. Too many times parents blindly come to the defense of their little snot-nosed terrorists. It's good to know there are some smart ones out there who see their kids for what they can truly be sometimes.

Maursupial said...

Score one for Freddie! Those kids deserved it!