Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine

This is the poster that welcomed me to school today. You probably can't read the small print, but it says, "We will not be silenced." Hmmmmmm. I currently lack the words to address this.

On a semi-related note, my students are finishing their persuasive speeches today. We have probably spent the past month going over various Revolutionary Era texts as examples, and have discussed interesting possible topics at nausea.

However, this is the final day of our presentations and I find myself growing grim about the mouth and with a strong desire to methodically knock people's hats off. Rest assured that the topics of abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment and global warming have been well covered. I think that more disturbing than the lack of original thought present in their presentations, is the lack of clear thought all together. I am a bit discouraged with the days events. Teaching reading, teaching writing....I have a plan of attack for that. But how do you teach someone how to think? I am not sure where to even begin when their whole thought process is corrupt.

And the thought of sophomores for the next two periods is doing nothing for my spirits. They seem bent on proving that I earn my paycheck for simply finding a way to corral them and not reacting to their antics with violence.

While I don't currently have the option of taking to the sea, the only thing that is bringing hope to the damp drizzly November of my soul, is the fact that it actually is November (Albeit not a damp or drizzly November, but November nonetheless.) and Thanksgiving break is now a mere hour and a half away!

Plus- House and Dancing with the Stars are on tonight.....so things are lookin' up! I am anxious to see if there are enough dorky Mormons in the world to keep Marie on for another week. Should she stay or should she go? I could go either way.


HOO said...

If Marie Osmond wins, I will never watch that show again. I can't stand her she's so freaking hokey. All you idiots out there voting for her are losers.

Jillian said...

Amen to that sister, but I think she might do alright. She's got the morm's, the old people, and the sympathy vote.