Thursday, November 22, 2007

One Digit Down

The day started out normal enough. There was no hint, at all, of my digit's impending doom. My parents got suckered into going and standing on line at K-mart at o-dark thirty in an effort to secure a Wii for my nieces and nephew. They got there at about 4:30 and even though there were only about 15 people in front of them, they got no Nintendo Wii. Turns out they only had 7 to sell.

I got up with a screaming pain on the right side of my head. I had a hard time determining whether it was a toothache or an earache. I am kind of leaning toward ear ache now. Everything that I hear from the right side sounds as though it is coming to me through a tin bucket.

Anyhow- my parents went over to my brothers and I got in the shower. Knowing that I was all by myself in the house, the loud clamoring from the garage was a little unsettling. I yelled downstairs to see if it was someone who had returned for a forgotten item. No answer. Then the noise went away, so I figured I was just hearing things. But my mind was drawn back to last nights entertainment, Christmas with the Kranks, and how common holiday robberies are.

Knowing that everything in the movies is totally factual, I weighted my options and decided that I was not down for any neket ninja throw downs. I decided to quietly get out of the shower, get dressed and see what was going on in the garage. As I went to step out of the shower, I knocked the scrubby bubble automatic shower cleaner thing with my elbow, which dislodged my shower head, which fell, in slow motion, and hit me squarely on the bridge of my nose......right between the eyes. I think, perhaps, my vision may be permanently damaged. Anyhow- it did just turn out to be my there were no towel draped ninja beat downs, but I may have a black eye.

Immediately upon entering my brother's house, the mocking ensued. I went over to smack one of my brother's in-law's, and promptly kicked the corner of the couch so hard that I knocked my pinky-toe nail off. There was blood, and cursing, and now there is limping.

By my count.... Thanksgiving-4 Mi Familia-0

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