Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear Jon

My friend Kelly just sent me this...and I think I can now die a happy woman. There really are no words or explanation necessary. Just, thank you. Thank you Kelly. Thank you Jon. Thank you Dear Sweet Jeeebus for such a wonderful looking man. Thank you.......and good night.
I don't think I'm asking for too much, just someone similar to him would be fine. 


Maursupial said...

And now I thank YOU...... John Hamm is evidence that Heavenly Father is an artist.

Mycket said...

Another reason why that movie looks like its going to be wicked good.

Rachael said...

Why do I not know who this is???

Jillian said...

Probably because you are a better lil' Mormon gal than I am....and don't watch tv shows that should most DEFINITELY be rated R.

He is Don Draper on Mad Men....who is a rugged, drinking, philandering, womanizer...but you you love him in spite of it. (Maybe, kind of, because of it.)