Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sorry Sexy Strippers

First I was hustled into this.....
because I am not that smart.

The other day, I couldn't sleep.  As a result, I foolishly bought this...
and I have yet to try them.

This infomercial is on right now, but sorry ladies, I don't think I'll  be purchasing this one.

Fat white girl, hip-hop is where I draw the line. I can shake it like a white girl, but not stripper style......not for now anyway.


mintifresh said...

I was with a lady the other night who said she has done 'pole fitness'. there is no pole strong enough to hold what I would give it. Plus, who wants to see that?!

Good luck with the hip hop-anytime I try that I look like a major dork. Course, I exist and pretty much look like a dork, so whatever.

JillandMauricio said...

you know hip hop abs is done by the same guy who does insanity? I am telling you to try turbo jam to start with.

Jillian said...

Oh-I know this one is done by the same guy, but it doesn't look as ridiculous as Insanity. Plus, all you have to do it tuck, tilt and tighten, right?

Nothing could go wrong with this plan. I'll let you know. Today is day 1.