Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bubble Boy

I don't know how many of you know my younger brother, but he fancies himself a bit of a former high school/college athlete rockstar. At his current job, as the manager of a fairly well known insurance company, he and his male coworkers consistantly get into arguments as to who's 'still got it' and who...doesn't. These arguments usually end up with bold and sweeping statements that go something like, "Dude- I could beat you running backwards, in my work shoes, and my jacket on......I'm gunna give you a two parking space head start...and I'm not even going to loosen my tie"

In his defense, he does always win these feats of physical prowess, (which does nothing for developing his sense of humility, but it does make him pretty funny to be around) but keep in mind he is 28 racing against 45+ year old El Salvadorian men who are 5ft nuthin and the last time they ran from anything was.......well......a really long time ago.

So-Enter the Los Angeles County Fair Bubble Thing, a.k.a The Great Equalizer. Before this, there was much talk about, "These people are retarded* if they would just post out and get both hands and feet on the ball you could just balance it then run easily."

And with that....I give you this.

*Yes, I know retarded is an offensive word to some.....but shoving a lump of coal up your behind, waiting two weeks and getting a diamond is not a talent, it's a symptom.  It means you need to lighten up.
**I don't know if it's funnier with or without sound, but if you listen carefully, you can even hear his 9 month old baby laughing at him.


Jillian said...

My only question is......do the observers (my mother and SIL's) think that they can hear them inside the bubbles?

Maursupial said...

apparently they do. I must say as a long time fan of Jonathan doing anything silly, thank you. Thank you very much.

appropos word verification: tacklers

Jillian said...

And for the record, Skyler is PISSED. I believe he got out and said, "I have been breathing my own air this whole time. I could have died from lack of ventilation! I was breathing my own Carbon Dioxide!"

Glad he pulled through:)

J&J Priest said...

haha, funny... did hear that cute baby laugh :)

Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...


JillandMauricio said...

Awesome. At first I thought-where is this, that looks fun. Then as time passed it just made me tired. Then I started thinking like Skyler-wondering how long does my O2 lasts in there. Then I thought-I am claustrophobic. So really I guess all that equals out to-I will never try this and enjoy the funniness of your video!!

Melanie said...

Ha-Ha-Ha, that is funny! I think my personal favorite is hearing your mom(?) shouting directions at them, as if they have any control at all over the movement of those things.

Rachael said...

Maybe instead of the hip hop videos you could buy a bubble and a blow up pool! Looks like a dang good workout!