Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Enough is Enough

This is my plea to the striking writers in Hollywood.

Dear Spoiled Brats,

Enough is enough already. Get back to work. Here's a newsflash....no one makes as much money as they think they deserve. Welcome to reality. Those in my profession have had a hand in the fact that you even learned to write in the first place. Should I be expecting a kick back for that? I just want to know how far this gravy train is-a-rollin'.

I apologize for sounding insensitive, but get back into your BMW's, drive on down to the studio and get me some Pushing Daisies, The Office, Private Practice, Bones, Numbers, anything. ANYTHING. BUT. MORE. REALITY. TV. I don't care who the next Apprentice/Model/Top Chef/Chocolate Bunny Idol Girl or Biggest Loser will be.

Seriously, I live in the Antelope Valley, the land where actual entertainment comes to die. We have very little beyond 40 mph winds, beautiful desert sunsets and prime time television. The very least you could give us is quality evening entertainment.

Norma Raye went back to work....and so should you. Quit screwin' around. I'm getting bored and cranky. More importantly, I am worried that this will drag on long enough to completely squash my supermostfavoritest show Pushing Daisies. If you kill the Daisy, it's over between us. I may never forgive you for killing a relationship that had the promise of being so clever and beautiful. Don't even get me started on the fact that the last few episodes of Scrubs might be lost forever.

Bored Truly,
Ms King


Jamie said...

I have tried to visit your blog in the past from Maury's blog and for some reason it wouldn't come up.... Finally!!!! I have come, I have read, I am hooked! You made me laugh... you made me cry.. Well I think what happened was I was laughing so hard I cried. whatever! you are funny. My favorites...
"drink up OC" today's lovely letter to the strikers and the one about your grandpa doing hard time and what you have learned about being a "King". You're awesome. I have just bookmarked you.
Maury's sister...

Jillian said...

Glad to have you Jamie. I forget that I don't actually know you and your wacky little ones. Feels like I do. :)

Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

another King classic. so glad i found your blog, i've really missed your sense of humor... always keeps me smilin! :)

and amen to pushing daisies!! i love that show!

f*bomb. said...

I'm sorry, Sis, but I gotta tell you- good WRITERS are the only thing that makes television stomachable. Actors are only as worthwhile as the material they're given, and if we don't acknowledge writers for the value they bring to entertainment we'll be stuck with more lameass "reality" and porn/profanity-filled drivel that comes with lazy writing.

Pay the writers what they're worth. Or I may have to give up on television altogether and start going out and doing stuff.

Rachael said...

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so tired of having nothing to watch. Heaven forbid, I do something productive! But seriously...how great is Pushing Daisies? Steve and I LOVE(d) it and it was the highlight of the week...sad, I know. I really miss them all!
My friend was smart and has TiVo-ed the whole new season of ER, so she in effect was doing the whole, emergency preparedness thing and is ready now that the disaster has hit!
I do think you as teachers should get a kick back too!
Oh and with saying that...please don't laugh at my run on sentences or grammatical errors all over the place. I didn't have a great teacher like you!

Jillian said...

In all honesty I was about 90% kidding when I wrote this. I was pretty much frustrated beyond belief with work and wishing for a semi-entertaining way to ignore reality. I probably should have just gone to bed and spared you all the Miss Piggy huff.

But really, the idea of paying people what they are worth is interestsing.

It is my understanding that the average salary of a police officer is about $56,000. Nurses make roughlty $41,000 and teachers hover somewhere in the neighborhood of $47,000. We knew going into these professions, that we would never strike it rich but for whatever reason chose these paths regardless.

The latest article I read online said that the average salary of someone in the entertainment industry was $73,000. I have a hard time mustering up much sympathy for that.

Granted there are a LOT of other variables that go into the equation, but nevertheless, that is a sad commentary on our society if we are truly concerned with paying people what they are worth.