Friday, February 12, 2010

Sometimes I Say Things

Last Valentine's Day I was with Maury, at a particularly cruely timed singles conference,in Las Vegas. We may have ditched the conference and gone to Tiffany & Co to buy ourselves something nice and shiny. Once there, we bumped into Pres Utchdorf and his family. All of the sudden I found myself jabbering to a member of the first presidency of the church about how we were ditching church to waste money on things that we don't need. (His wife actually gave us her blessing on ditching the conference in favor of 'shiny silver presents' I feel fine about both the ditching and all purchases made during said adventure.)

The Valentine's day before that, I was celebrating The Music and the Passion of Barry Manilow with a certain Saucy Betty. I was over an hour late (pretty much because I am an idiot) and left her sitting at a restaurant most of that time. Once there, I stammered out idiotic explainations to EVERY-SINGLE-MEMBER of the staff as they passed by and pointed out how glad they were that I hadn't left my comrade hanging on Valentine's Day.

The year before that, I had the dubious honor of speaking about love in sacrament meeting.

This year- a friend from the days of yore asked if I would pontificate about love on her little slice of the internet.

The lesson to be learned from all this?

When it comes to love and Valentine's day, I should probably just keep my mouth shut.


Sparklebot said...

Thanks for pontificating.

R. Siren said...

Haha, I love the rant on the bouquet toss!