Monday, February 22, 2010

Most of my relationships have started with a similar philosopy,

"What the hell?"

And I suppose it is no shock that most of them end this way too.

In other news:

The highlight of my week has been that my squishy and adorable nephew has finally returned from his vacation in Hawaii! Yes, he is 2 months old and has already found it necessary to unwind a bit in the isles of the South Pacific. Pictures will be coming forthwith, but since the poor spinster aunt was not invited on this trip....I am going to have to wrestle some of the photographic evidence away from his parents so that we can blog it up appropriately. You should be excited...he is a pretty cool cat.

I'm telling you. We Kings make good looking babies, but for some reason no one seems to be taking me up on this offer. Go figure.

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