Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's Some Pig

I wouldn't say that I'm an alarmist by any means. That being said, when school started (and I eventually decided to join them) I went with a steady supply of hand sanitizer in my purse. I've been around high school kids long enough to know that they are a filthy little more ways than one.

But what to do when the aforementioned bottle of hand sanitizer explodes and ruins the inside of my very favorite (and very expensive) purse?

Swine-flu be damned.

I looked the pig in the eye, wiped the gelatinous mess from the once so soft lining of my purse, then threw caution and the empty damn bottle to the wind. (Amid a litany of mild curse words.) Personally, I'm not convinced that the swine flu isn't a conspiracy dreamt up to scare people into supporting health care reform*

After all of my theatrics, I still feel no satisfaction. I am going home to make a BLT and burn my copy of A Day No Pigs Would Die.

*Before you get your panties in a bunch look up the word 'hyperbole' and keep your political rantings to yourself. This is my blog....and I don't care what you think about health care. I was joking!


Mona said...

I hate that damn book.

L and L and R said...

Good thing I know what hyperbole means or else my panties would have really been in a bunch! And, for the record, I love the book! I taught it every year and always cried when Pinky bit the dust!

Jillian said...

Look at all of these love-hate-love relationships brewing. I love you both...and I loved the purse who sacrificed her life for the frenzied results of the Swine Flu panic.

Rachael said...

I think the swine flu is a bunch of crock and pray people research the affects of the vaccination before getting it!!!!
Sorry about your purse!