Monday, August 24, 2009

A High Degree of Jack Assery

Cliches become what they are due to the fact that they are overused. Overused right into the ground. Meaning exists no more. "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet." In the past week, this one has gained some actual meaning.

Saturday night I came downstairs to get a drink of water. I didn't turn the light on. I didn't notice that there was a reusable grocery bag on the stairs. I didn't catch myself after the bag acted as a treadmill and propelled me down the last few steps onto the tile floor. I didn't rejoice when the doctor told me I broke my kneecap.

As I sat at the park bemoaning my fate, I also didn't notice the Iraq vet/amputee sitting right next to me.

Say it with me: Jillian you are a jack ass of the highest order. Oy Vey! Now quit complaining!


J&J Priest said...


Rachael said...

I didn't know it was possible to break your kneecap! Oh, I can't imagine!
I have missed your humor all summer! Welcome back to blogging!

Tera said...

still sucks you broke your kneecap though; not as bad as it sucks for him, but sucks nonetheless. There is always someone that has it worse, that's for sure. If we open our eyes it's always a good way to count our blessings.

Christy said...

Open mouth insert foot...oh you probably can't do that right now can you?

Maursupial said...

Ok. I had to laugh because I've been there. Only with me it was an old man double amputee in the neighboring wheelchair at Costco.

L and L and R said...

I do NOT even remember a duck biting your toe at the cabin! Let me offer you some sympathy four years later. There now, do you feel better?
Sorry about your kneecap. How's school going this year??