Friday, April 10, 2009

This Cat Went Away

And the mice certainly did play.

What you see here is the creation of my nieces and nephews. Their little gift was to commemorate the fact that they got to go to Disneyland and swim at my brothers. All the while, I was taking a lazer to my FREAKING EYEBALLS.

I don't know who is keeping score, but that's one for me. Zero for the lazer and a whoopin' for the clowns that fashioned a cane for me out of PVC pipe. :)


Rachael said...

Look at you putting real pictures on your blog! I saw these pictures on Jenn and thought it was hilarious. Are you loving the lasik? I would love to do it sometime!

Jennifer said...

Yep my kids rock!!

Jillian said...

It never occurred to me that I don't put real pictures of me on here. I just assumed that most of the people who read this have already seen most of my pics on facebook.

It was pretty funny Jennifer. They did good.

kmk said...

So, how are them new eyes? Can you see? Is it magical in the shower?