Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tag That

You know how everyone says that they, "I don't normally do this," but then go ahead and tag people to their hearts content anyway? Well, I'm no different.

Here's how it works: For each question, look up the answer on Google image search. Then choose your favorite image from the FIRST PAGE OF RESULTS ONLY.

My Name (and my husband.....if wishing made it so)

Favorite Food

First Job (and you wonder why I was fat in high school)

Nickname (It's mostly my Aunt Marty who calls me Jillibean, but after nearly 30 years...I notice that it is catching on.)

Born (I'm kind of thinking that this is PVMC, not really sure what they are cleaning, but it seems like a typical sight 'round Pomona)

Bad Habit (I've never contemplated killing anyone, but I think I know that walrus)

College Degree

Want to go

Favorite Place (Quite possibly the most beautiful beach I have stumbled upon in my life. Unreal.)

Favorite Color

Favorite Animal (But mine is way cuter)

Past Love (At any given point in time I am/may have been infatuated with one/more/most of these players...and I'm playin it kind of fast and lose with the whole 'Past' thing. I prefer tocall them "The Ones That Got Away")

Doing Now (And knowing my luck, still will be doing it from here to eternity...barring some divine intervention by way of a kind, loaded, hot, rich, husband, the lottery, inheritance, accident payoff. I'm not picky.)

Where I Live (The photogs are tricky buggers, at sunset it doesn't look so bad)

Favorite Object (I Guess)

Grandma's Name (But don't call her Baby)

Age (25-ish days to go!)

Oh Gosh, that was very complicated. I have no idea who even reads tagging anyone else is kind of a risky venture. If you have read this, then yes, consider the gauntlet thrown your way.


Sara said...

That bookshelf looks exactly like mine! All those yellow used stickers...makes me feel so dirty.

Jillian said...

I try not to think about where they could have been before they came into my posession.

Maursupial said...

Ok, yours was soooo much more interesting than mine. I loved the commentary...

Maursupial said...

Oh, was the walrus in on the postulate formation?

Jillian said...

In fact he probably was forming a mindblowing, globally significant postulate.....if only he could remember it. Damn that long black train. (I don't think that reference is being used properly, but I don't really care) And I should probaby go to bed. Blogging under the influenve is NOT a good idea.

Some other things best done ambien calls, life altering decisions, term papers, break up. etc. Actually sleeping thru a break up might be a good plan.

royalbird said...

I think I'll give it a try, looks kind of fun. You can always read my personal, that's where I vent all my passions.

Rachael said...

I love TiVo too! The greatest invention ever!!!!!!!!!!!