Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Used to be a Respectable School Teacher

While respectable is a matter of opinion, I still am a school teacher. Sting, however, is not. And I could not be more happy about that. I never thought that The Police and I had much of a chance together. They were long since broken up by the time I started kindergarten, but a long, twisted path, and 25 years brought us all together.

While it was a disappointing path for some, I could not be more happy with the stroke of luck that brought me to the concert. I don't even care that I seem to be turning into a permanent plan B. Sick babies and elderly grandma's, your plight really does sadden me. Truly it does, but only just a little.

Grandma didn't want to climb the stairs at the Staples Center, so I got to see Mr. Manilow. Helen had a sick baby, so I had to go with Maury to see The Police! Whoo hoo! Hope you feel better soon, baby!

Truth be told, I don't even care about being Plan B. My love for Sting overrides any and all pride that I might have once had about being a fall-back plan. It really has worked out quite well for me.

I am a little sad that Helen wasn't able to go. She really would have loved it. She schlepped herself down to the MGM to buy the tickets in person and everything! But whaddayagunnado? Sell the sick baby to the gypsies? I actually give her a lot of credit for not taking that route. I mean, The Police reuniting? That doesn't happen every day.

I have been trying all weekend to recap my favorite part of the show. Aside from them each being absolutely amazing on their respective instruments, I think that the best part was that they looked like they were having a great time together. That made me happy, like the world was right again. Stewart Copeland was mind blowing as he hustled back and forth between various drum kits for "Every Breath You Take" and Andy Summers messing with Sting when he couldn't remember the next song in the set... hilarious. "I have no idea what comes next," followed by Andy messing around on the guitar for a bit. "You're just making that up, aren't you? You really are. You're just making crap up!"

As we were leaving we overheard one man say, "Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone listened to Sting." I think that pretty well sums up......well, that sums up just about everything.


Mona said...

I heart Sting.

I have a crush.

Jillian said...

Amen sister!

And he looked g-o-o-d all scruffy and bearded. G-O-O-D.

Maursupial said...

Exactamundo. I love that man more than I should. I had forgotten how incredibly hot and spicy he actually is until Friday night. YUMMMMM! and I don't even care that he's in his 50's and has 6 kids.

I don't. I really really don't.

Jillian said...

Makes the idea of SisterWife sound not quite so bad. I'd be willing to cut a timeshare deal.

I'd be more than willing to give kid number 7 a shot.

Melissa said...

You girls are inspiring me to pull out my Sting collection again. whew!