Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chiropractor....Take 2

There are two chiropractors at the doctors office that I frequent. The one that I see and the one that I avoid at all costs.

This is the one that I like to see. Call it neurosis, call it self loathing, call it what you will. This doctor is comfortable for me. I really don't care that he gets all up in my business. Makes me roll around and cracks my back and neck, at will. I don't worry that his arms barely even touch when he makes me reach my arms around my own body, and then basically hugs me and rolls my back over some foam tube. I don't worry about that....cause he's old. And he's friends with my dad.

This is the doctor that I saw yesterday.....against my will and my better judgement. When I left, the pain was gone from my neck. It had entered chubby little my soul.


royalbird said...

I actually did have a doctor who looked like Goran Visnjic when I was at BYU. Maybe if he hadn't already been married with kids, it would have been fun flirting, or maybe it would have been worse. Don't know. Now I have to go as the boys are drenching the bathroom walls and floor...

Maursupial said...

Thank you. Thank you so much for that. Even though I knew what was coming I still laughed. Out loud. In my classroom.