Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Men for Whom I Would Gladly Trade My Morals

I wish that my life was so full of excitement and actual personal relationships that this wasn't such a big deal for me. But my social calendar being what it is, the return of SAMCRO is pretty much the highlight of my life right now.....and for the foreseeable future.

Oh Jax....I have missed you.


L and L and R said...

For the uninformed and clueless, could you please explain what SAMCRO is. And, how and why are you posting in the middle of the work day?????

Jillian said...

For those that are uninformed and clueless, SAMCRO is the name of the motorcycle club in the FX show Sons of Anarchy. (That if you are playing hard and fast by the 'no R rated material' standard....you should probably skip this particular hour of television).

It's the accronym for their specific club charter. Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Originals....because that was where the club began. (I know that I should be ashamed of being able to rattle that off without doing any googling, but I am not ashamed.)

As for posting during the work day...I actually wrote it last night and then just scheduled for it to post on 9/6.

(But seriously Lisa, if you can look past the more.... hmmm....seedy elements of the show (gun running, fighting, protecting 'adult film stars' from skeevy rival producers), Charlie Hunnam really is quite nice to look at. Also- there is a pretty heavy Hamlet arc that the entire show pivots around. So there's that. But really- Charlie Hunnam is just dang good to look at, and considering the fact that he is actually Brittish and has an awesome accent, well, that just makes him sexy as hell.

L and L and R said...

Me no have cable. Guess I'm out of luck. Happy oggling!