Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to my Last Nerve

Easily annoyed.


Liable to snap.

Overly emotional.

Downright crazy.

All words that have probably been used to describe me as of late. In some cases, those words may have been well deserved. In others, I think my response has been totally valid. Maybe it's the fact that I am sick of winter. Maybe it's the fact that teenagers are sometimes just down right annoying. Maybe I am just a spoiled brat who wants to go on vacation (I'm not talking about a long weekend. I'm talking about a 'stamp my passport' vacation.) Nevertheless, there is one question that gets on my last nerve no. matter. what.

The specific question may take various forms, but it is the principle behind the question that pushes me toward the certifiably insane end of the Crazy Spectrum.

So riddle me this...

Am I the only one that wants to choke people when you tell them to a) turn the ipod off,  b) stop talking, c) quit crumpling the bag of chips, d) insert loud/annoying activity here.... and their first response is, "Ohhh you can hear that?"

I count the day a success if I find myself able to overcome the desire to respond with, "No Einstein, I was using my superhuman/Vulcan mind-melding power to help me guess what can only be heard in your head."

Welcome to my last nerve. I realize that there will occasionally be visitors, but please don't plan on making it your personal residence.


William said...

Vulcan's can mind-meld? i learn so much here....

I know of two places this year that i'll be stamping my passport. You are more than welcome to join me on either ( or better yet, both)

take care Jillo

P.S. i'm terrible at checking back on these for responses, so either FB or e-mail if interested. Stay warm :)

Rebecca R. Farnsworth said...

Thanks! I needed the laugh today.

Maursupial said...

Amen, sister. Amen.