Tuesday, October 27, 2009

True Confession Tuesday

I wish I was in The -Vo for this.

And this would be nice too.

Instead, I live here.


This may not be an actual picture of my lovely hometown a-la helicopter, but the wind (and resulting sand storm) did "blow the satellite off the roof" of the gas station this morning. Thus, I could not use my ATM card. My empathy for hobos, bums, college co-ed's and general ne'erdowells has increased tenfold since my morning rummage for spare change. Seriously, who carries cash anymore?

Point being, all of you losers who mocked the 8 year old me for wanting a camel?

You suck.

I totally should have stuck with Operation Cam-o.


Rachael said...

That picture of the dust storm is crazy!!! Get that bandanna up on your face girl!

Mona said...

Yes, I am going to rub it in that I watched Mortenson's talk on the interwebs.

And you need to change that leaf pic to snow.

And I've never understood why you STILL live in that hell hole called "Lancaster."

Jillian said...

Rachael-For that very reason, I have a very extensive collection of scarves.

Naomi-I like to refer to the reason I still live in Lancaster as, "A String of Unfortunate Events." Let's keep our fingers crossed, rub a rabbit foot, shake a chicken bone, light a candle, etc. that this will be the Summer of Escape.