Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things I Have Not Done, Part 1

I am leaving for Naomi's Three-0 in the Ric-Oin roughly a week. And as far as planning goes, I am not just a little bit behind.

By this point, I usually have bags strewn about the room and piles of clothes to go inside each one. Nice clothes, play clothes....and a separate bag to put dirty underoo's in.

I don't have a swimsuit.

I haven't tabbed my Lonely Planet Guide.

I haven't gotten my replacement credit card (my old one was 'compromised').

I haven't double checked with our hotel.

And I certainly haven't lost that twenty pounds that I had planned on.

I realize in the grand scheme of things this is not something to whine about, but it's kind of stressing me out.


Mona said...


You STILL have 9 days to do all of these things.

And honestly, with sun and a beach, how could things go wrong?

But do get a bathing suit. Please.

Maursupial said...

You'll be fine! Think of all of those Monday mornings when you totally wing it at school! You'll be fine! But, um, yeah. Get the suit.

kmk said...

I have proven, several times, that all this and more, like the purchase of a suitcase, can be done in the last few hours before take-off! (though not suggested and each time I tell myself it will be different and I will plan ahead - yah!)
You have PLENTY of time!

Hawaii wasnt even a thought till 6 days before departure. So, I have faith in you!

May the travel gods shine upon you!

You do have an ipod this time? And dont forget all your contact lens gear :) NOT!