Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He Should Be That Into Me!

I found this gem, on ye ol' interweb, and have been tossing it around in my head all morning. The idea of telling a story in six words is not a new one. Ernest Hemingway did it with, "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn." Nevertheless, Smith magazine is putting out the second collection of six word stories. This time they are about love, being that time of year and all. I think it's a pretty fun idea. Not because it is about love and heartbreak, inspite of that, more likely. The idea of boiling a story, situation, or event, down to six words kind of makes you think about which pieces are most important. I wonder if the writers of He's Just Not That Into You realized they had coined a phrase perfect for the the six word challenge.

Some of the others that I found particularly good/funny/heartfelt...

He sees the me I don't.
- Anon

I finally threw away his toothbrush.
- Fershleiser

Inevitably, his obituary didn't mention me.
- R. Sue Dodea

If only he wasn't a Republican.
- Holly Fitzpatrick

and finally,

If I get Chlamydia, blame MySpace.
- Hanorah Slocum

I'm not sure if Hanorah's six words make me laugh or make me sad. I think they make me sad. I think some courses in self esteem might do her well.

Feel free to sum up your love life, or your antilove life, in the comments. Try it! It's fun. Promise.


Tricia B. said...

Motherhood - sleepless nights and endless hugs.

Mona said...

Bring that book to Puerto Rico.

six words.

kmk said...

I'm the one that got away!

Anonymous said...

Hanorah is commenting on the current state of dating and the popularity of people meeting via the internet, not on her own love life. No "self-esteem courses" needed. You missed the point. I know. I'm her brother.