Monday, October 13, 2008

Ahoy Pirates!

Things I LOVE-

Free Internet!! I don't know which of my neighbors finally got wireless internet, but THANK YOU!! It's about dang time.

Refund check for an overpayment on a long forgotten credit card.

My official Vote by Mail ballot. (I don't really love this one...not this year)


Maursupial said...

I lived off of pirated wireless for about a year. I pay now and my service is more consistent, but I miss the old days.

David and Jenafer said...

I (David)too lived on free internet for a long long time...God Bless Fran, whoever she was. Does your free internet at least have a cool name? One I have taken from ime to time when ours is being funny is just called Linksys, really you cant come up up with anything more interesting than that? And of course there is one I can sometimes detect called, and I do not lie, "Butt-Lover". Good times.